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What is QuarkNet?

Quarknet is an initiative to involve high-school teachers and their students in state-of-the-art research that seeks to resolve some of the mysteries about the structure of matter and the fundamental forces of nature.
It is supported by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy.

The Opportunity

QuarkNet provides an opportunity for high school science teachers to participate in frontier physics research. Teachers will be integrated into a research group in elementary particle physics at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. QuarkNet is a nationwide network that also provides opportunities for participating science teachers to exchange knowledge and experience with their peers.
ATLAS Detector In 2001, the first year of the QuarkNet program at Berkeley Lab, three lead teachers joined the ATLAS group at Berkeley Lab, to learn about and work on the experiment.
In July 2002, 12 new teachers joined the QuarkNet program, coordinated and mentored by the lead teachers and project scientists from the ATLAS group. The teachers participated in an intensive Workshop that combined lectures and lab activities The lab work included a wide range of topics, from radiation sensors to microelectronics to mechanics, and provided ample stimulus to develop teaching examples and demonstrations for the classroom.
Workshop (old announcement)
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