The LBNL ATLAS group consists of LBNL staff, UC Berkeley Faculty, Postdoctoral fellows and students.
It forms part of the ATLAS collaboration operating at the  Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.

The group played major roles in the construction of the ATLAS Pixel and Silicon strip detectors  that provide precision tracking and vertexing information and in the Software Framework that underlies the software suite.

Current activites  and responsibilites are focussed in four areas:
Physics analysis using the data accumulated starting in 2010
Maintenence and Operations tasks associated to the current detector
Research and Development aimed at future upgrades to the tracking detector in order to exploit improvements in the LHC luminosity planned in the next decade.
Work on the Core software to improve user access, efficiency and to leverage external evolution software and hardware.
You can find a more detailed description of group activities here.
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LBNL Staff and UC Berkeley faculty
Postdoctoral and Chamberlain fellows
PhD. Students
Undergraduates and masters Students
Engineers, Technicians and support staff
Visitors and retirees

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Former postdoctoral fellows

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